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Coaching people in difficult times

This post comes from Marcia Reynolds, author of, “ Coach the Person, Not the Problem ”. As leaders, we know how difficult it can be to lead people through difficult times, through times of radical change. As Ms. Reynolds says,  “ Emotions shape our reality more than facts and trend charts. The less we know for sure, the more we imagine the worse and believe it exists. ” When people’s worlds are being turned upside down, it’s hard for them to eliminate fear and focus on facts. It’s difficult to get them to focus on solutions and moving forward. These four practices though can help tremendously: Listen to their story  - This isn’t about you, it’s about THEM. So be patient, don’t judge, and accept their perspective as how THEY see the world right now. They need to feel heard and valued before they’re anywhere NEAR ready to examine their feelings and beliefs with you. Play back what you hear and notice  - Repeat back to them, in your own words, what you heard them say to make s