Making Decisions

 This week's tip comes from the classic book by Dr. Spencer Johnson, "Yes" or "No": The Guide to Better Decisions.

In earlier tips I've said that, as a leader, most of the decisions you'll make will be difficult ones. Sometimes these decisions have no "right" answer. So what's a leader to do?

In Dr. Johnson's book, he puts forth a 4-step system that you can use to make the best possible decisions.

  1. Make a tentative decision.
  2. Ask 3 practical questions:
    1. Am I pursuing the real need?
    2. Am I informed about my options?
    3. Have I thought this through to a better result?
  3. Ask 3 private questions:
    1. Am I telling myself the REAL truth?
    2. Does this decision feel right to me?
    3. Do my actions show I believe I deserve better?
  4. If all 6 answers are "Yes", proceed. If ANY answer is "No", rethink the decision.

The first 3 in step #2 questions are "head" questions and they help you gather and analyze information. The second 3 questions in step #3 are "heart" questions. They force you to check in with your conscience and look back as if the tentative decision had already been made.

Like all new things you're trying to learn, this will take a little time to ingrain but I hope it helps make some of your decisions easier!


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