Meeting Quality and Membership

The quality of your club meetings will drive your membership levels. I firmly believe this. Think about it logically. People seek out Toastmasters because they have a goal to achieve or they've identified something about themselves they'd like to change. They're at your meeting to see if you can help them achieve their goal.

If you show them an enjoyable meeting that starts on time, stays on time (and track), and ends on time, with helpful evaluations - they'll join.

Put yourself in their shoes. You want to become more confident professionally so you attend a meeting. When you get there, no one greets you because the members are running around trying to fill roles at the last minute. When it starts, it doesn't seem like they have an agenda or know what's coming next. No one even acknowledges your presence. How confident would you be that these people, and this organization, will be able to help you achieve your goals?

Remember, guests don't join Toastmasters because of our education program or our century of success. They join because of the way you make them feel at that meeting.


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